I enjoy working with Coos Bay Tech on projects. They are timely, organized, and resourceful. Anyone in need of their talents should definitely hire them.
Erich Latchford
PMP, CSM at Cisco
After researching many options in the area, I found that Coos Bay Tech was the best local web services provider for our company. I have hired them multiple times for websites and marketing campaigns.
Josh Nahourai
Senior Project Manager at Fab Lab
I recommend Coos Bay Tech for anyone looking to start a small business or for selling something online. Jonathan helped me start an online store and synchronized it with social media for automated sales.
Peter LaFond
CEO at My Internet Scout
What really convinced me was their ability to listen to what I wanted. After consulting, they built a prototype that I critiqued. We made the changes and launched!
Jacky Lai
Senior Developer at Atlassian
Emery is a talented and professional producer, cameraperson, director of photography, and editor, producing quality, relevant, and award-winning content for several of our projects together. He is well-regarded by all and has excellent experience producing video, teaching and meeting client needs with youth, adults, seniors, non-profit organizations, government agencies and businesses.
Kathy Bisbee
Co-Founder and Director at Public VR Lab
Jonathan is dedicated have a heart and passion about his duty. Most important and valuable part of Jonathan is his attitude. He's an expert on online gaming but his humble attitude makes him more enjoyable to work with.
Yong Un Jin
NCSOFT Strategic Partnership Development
Coos Bay Tech is a very reliable with intelligent people who I really enjoyed working with. They have great problem-solving skills as always puts themselves in other's shoes and finds the best solution. With their organizational skills as well as knowledge about the tech industry, I am certain that they will be an excellent addition to any team.
An extremely talented and creative human being as well as an wonderful team leader. I'm very grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with Ed for the past few years. His ability to juggle different tasks and resolve even the most challenging matters effortlessly will have you in awe.
Julie Do
Engineer at Chatloud
Try any of the services of Coos Bay Tech and I promise you won't be disappointed. I love the videos they helped me create and edit. YouTube hits!
Gareth Roberts
Senior Solutions Consultant at Pixafy