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E-commerce Solutions

Selling your products and services online has never been easier; grow your sales and revenue.

Email & Storage

When we design your website, you get unlimited databases, disk space, email accounts, and email storage.

Server Security

We guarantee 99.9% up-time. Our goal is to keep your sites online and functioning. SSL, Hack Protection, Automatic Backups, DDoS Protection

Full Ownership

Once you pay for your web design, you are the owner of your website. You’re free to take your website with you and make any changes.

Simple Marketing

Use analytics to measure web traffic and to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. Follow-up with customers using a CRM system.

Customer Support

Call, text, email, or chat with us on social media. We strive to offer the best customer service.

Pricing made simple

Your first consultation is free! We provide an estimate before starting. We don’t charge you until you’re happy with the completed work.




Per month of hosting


Per hour

Frequently asked questions

Our team can design a one page website with all the information you’d need for a small business or personal site within a couple days. This generally equates to about $500- 1000 total for all services including a year of hosting for your site. Maintaining and renewing your website costs $60 a year.

Even rudimentary iPhone and Android apps are very complicated and time consuming to develop. An app with 2-4 tabs that displays information and has some unique features costs anywhere from $1000 – 10,000 to build. Our initial cost estimates are accurate based on our work experience. We can charge by the hour or work on a salary for large enterprise accounts.

There are several options for collaborating on projects in real time. Just like the geek squad, we can drive to meet you at your office or home!

We also have office space on 860 Florida Ave, North Bend, Oregon 97459. We can also meet at any public library. We can travel as far east as Roseburg, as far north as Reedsport, and as south as Powers.

We are always available for phone or video conference calls during business hours.

We have several capable staff members with varying skill sets in a plethora of industries who can help!

Our main customer service lead is Jonathan Sterling, CEO and founder of Coos Bay Tech. He moved to Coos County in 2012 from Silicon Valley and noticed a need for tech and business development helpers on the south coast of Oregon.

Larger and more complex jobs require us to consult with experts on retainer. They all have successful careers in the San Francisco Bay Area and are available to meet via video conference.

Every project is different. Give us a call to discuss how we can solve your problems! Contact Us